My favourite podcasts for travelling

Resources & Tips, Travel / Wednesday, July 19th, 2023

Sometimes, when you’re away for a while, or you’re about to embark on a 27-hour bus journey, a book (or a selection of books) won’t quite cut it. The main problem is that reading can induce motion sickness or give you a headache.

Hallelujah for the podcast, in that case – a beautiful 21st-century invention, perfect for the long-distance traveller (or insomniac). Here are my favourites thus far. Drop a comment below to let me know yours!

In no particular order…

  1. The New Yorker Poetry Podcast.
  2. How I Built This by NPR. In each 35-minute episode, Guy Raz interviews a successful entrepreneur or innovator and asks them how they got where to they are today. Perfect for getting the creative brain cells working.
  3. Desert Island Discs by the BBC. With an archive of more than 3,000 episodes, this classic programme by the BBC will keep you occupied for months. Each episode sees a celebrity or notable figure cast away on a desert island with only eight of their favourite tracks to listen to. For me, the music is not the most interesting part of the programme – it’s the insights into the subject’s past and psyche that is the most fascinating, especially when they’re interviewed by the brilliant Kirsty Young.
  4. The Guilty Feminist. By Deborah Frances-White.
  5. Where Are You Going by the BBC. Presented by Catherine Carr.
  6. Shortcuts by the BBC. Presented by Josie Long.
  7. TED Radio by NPR. Presented by Guy Raz.
  8. Making Sense. Presented by neuroscientist and author,siddharth-bhogra-143322-unsplash.jpg Sam Harris.

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