There She Goes

I wrote this book in 2019 as an aid for girls and women who might be curious about going on a solo adventure but aren’t sure how to go about planning it, or maybe have reservations about how safe and comfortable they’ll be out there.

The book covers places to go, tips and tricks for booking accommodation, how to meet people and strike up friendships, how to work remotely, and how to book the cheapest flights, buses and trains around the world. Perhaps my favourite part is the interviews with women I’ve met on the road – who’ve inspired me, and continue to inspire me. This is what keeps me going.


Below are some online courses I created for anyone looking to break into freelance writing. Two are on Gumroad, and can be downloaded from there. One is on Udemy, which you’ll need to stream from the site directly. I’ll be creating more courses in 2024, so watch this space! And if you have any suggestions for a course you’d like me to make, please let me know.

Pitching Masterclass – How to Write for Magazines

“This course was just what I needed to help me break into journalism and start my freelance career. I find pitching the hardest part of the process, and this course really helped break it down into easy steps so I know what to expect and how to pitch properly next time. Katie makes it straightforward and no-nonsense, and anyone wanting to become a freelance writer would benefit from taking this course. I’m hoping to win my first assignment soon!” NORA NIESWANDT

In this course, you will learn:

1. How to go from idea-formation to seeing your name in print.

2. How to find the right person to send your ideas to.

3. Sample scripts for what to include in your pitch and what to leave out.

4. How to think more like a marketing whizz than a writer.

5. When and how to follow up with your idea.

“Great tips for anyone starting out or just needing a fresh outlook on pitching to new editors. The lesson on confidence was particularly relevant to a writer who is quite weary with not hearing back. Editors are not better than you, just busy, so don’t give up! Katie touches on everything from tone of voice, to treating your pitch like a business – an indispensable course.” SARA DARLING, travel, culture and lifestyle writer.

Press Trips and Sponsored Travel: How to get your travels funded

How does a travel writer afford to travel so much? In this one-of-a-kind online course, you’ll learn the secrets of how the industry works from the inside, and find out the answers to questions you’ve always wondered about. 

In this course, you will learn:

1. How to approach airlines, hotels, tourist boards, PRs and tour operators to get your travels sponsored.

2. How to get a place on group press trips.

3. How to organise an individual trip for yourself, how your travel is paid for.

4. What to do when a press trip invitation lands in your inbox.

5. The secrets of the industry and how it all hangs together.

Travel Writing for Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of being a travel writer? Do you have lots of stories to tell about your adventures? Do you love to write? Then this course is for you. 

In this course, you will learn::

1. How the industry works.

2. How to come up with good ideas.

3. How to pitch to editors.

4. The scope of outlets to pitch to, and the differences between them.

5. The different genres of travel writing, and which ones to tackle first.

6. About press trips and freebies.

7. About fees and payment.