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If you’re wondering where to go this Autumn, this downloadable six-page PDF guide will give you the speedy lowdown on my seven favourite places to visit in the Autumn/Fall season, plus ideas for where to stay and ways to get around, for both budget and non-budget travellers alike.

People’s greatest asset is time. This guide will give you the speedy lowdown, saving you hours of trawling the internet working out where you should go, where to stay, ways to get around, etc. It will give you everything you need to know in the shortest possible time. It’s basically like picking my brains down the pub.


Countries I’ve included are three short-haul destinations (within Europe) and three long-haul (outside Europe). And I cater to both budget and non-budget travellers (hostels and hotels).


The guide is aimed more at solo travellers, couples and friends, rather than families (though there is still a lot in there that is applicable, but because I don’t travel with kids, that isn’t my specialism).


The guide also includes a special link for £15 off any booking over £100 made with


After you’ve downloaded the PDF, you can read it on any device you choose.

About the author

Katie is a qualified journalist and travel writer. She’s written for The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, The Independent, Conde Nast Traveller, Women’s Health, Food & Travel, Natural Health, Metro and Jamie Oliver Magazine, among many others. She also runs her own blog, What Katie Did Now. She has travelled independently all over the world for more than 22 years.

Price Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with this guide, please email, and I will refund money in full, plus buy you a coffee by way of goodwill.


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